Membership High Side

Membership for Karioitahi - High Side

From the land owner of the High Side, January 21st 2023

Hi Guys, after much soul searching and brain storming with many pilots the decision has been made to introduce a membership for access to the HighSide takeoff. 

From today onwards if you want to fly from the HighSide you will need to pay a membership fee.
This is not a profit making venture, 100% of all funds collected will go towards the development of the flight park for the use of everyone.
This is so that we can support older pilots that find the walk up the cliff too difficult and to provide a quality resource for pilots, with vehicle access, clubrooms, toilets and accomodation.
Eventually I hope to be able to extend my community outreach beyond the paragliding community to provide facilities for the rehabilitation of people suffering from mental health issues like depression and anxiety, community gardens, replanting to restore the sand blowouts and create nature walks, hold summer festivals etc.
My hope is that the paragliding community will get behind my vision and support a community focused project to support one another and give back to the wider community. 

Thanks in advance for your support. 

Memberships are available for the HighSide website: