Glover Park

Site Information

This site is located at the northern end of Waitara road St Heliers, just to the east of Achilles point.

Take off height is approximately 160 ft ASL.

​Site Type



With no bottom landing between mid and high tide and a risky top landing behind trees this is not a site for novice pilots.

If conditions permit transit Eastward along the coast to Karaka Bay where some greater landing options are available but still limited by tidal movement.

Alternatively landings can be made at Ladies Bay or, after a long downwind glide, St Heliers Bay but note the comments on airspace.

Weather and Wind Direction


Mandatory Notices


Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Glider

HG Advanced


PG2 + 60 hours.


This site claims three or four pilots each season with landings in the tide, soaked gear, and gliders.

Make sure you know the state of the tide and have an alternative landing option in case the wind picks up or eases whilst you are in the air.

 If you are not confident on top landing, or sure of an alternative landing option Murphy's Law will no doubt apply.

Launch is between trees and wind direction must be straight in, especially for HG.

Be careful about the true wind strength, and assess it fully before taking off.

In certain conditions, the wind at take off may appear lower then the real wind strength.  Look for the signs of gust lines on the water towards Rangitoto, check the treetops to right and far left, and if in doubt pop around to the lookout at Achilles Point and measure the wind in the clear flow, unobstructed by any trees or cliff shadow.

If wind strength is above 22 kph standing on launch, there is a high likelihood conditions may not be favourable.


Special care should be taken at this site and close reference to the latest visual navigation chart.

This site is located within VFR common frequency zone, CFZ 120.4 with height ceiling of 2500 ft ASL. It is also on the edge of the Acukland City Mandatory Broadcast Zone. Height limit within this MBZ is 1500 ft ASL. This means you cannot fly inland of cliffs/beach unless you are operating with an airband radio.

Music Point MBZ

Access Conditions


Site Monitor

Scott Arrell - 021 199 7390



Site Achievements

On one extraordinary late afternoon flight in 2000 Tony Seaman climbed to 1000 ft ASL but was then unable to go anywhere owing to air traffic.