Musick Point / Te Naupata

Site Information

A seldom flown site but worth the effort when the wind is ENE.  Flights can be made to Eastern Beach and back on a good day.

This site is located 3 kilometres North of Eastern Beach and adjacent to the Howick golf course.

Take-off is at the end of Musick Point Road in the reserve beside the car park.

Walk South from the car park approx 40 m, this is the old launch site with the Pohutakawas directly behind and almost above you.

It is possible to launch here but not recommended.  The better launch is another 20 m further along just inside the golf course.  There are no trees behind to get caught up in here.

​Site Type



There is no bottom landing at all 2 hours either side of high tide.  There are stairs at the end of the point for easy access back up to launch.

Weather and Wind Direction

North, North East

Mandatory Notices


Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding

HG Intermediate + 20 hours + Cliff Launch 


PG2 + 60 hours 


Take-off height is 80 foot A.S.L.

Be sure of wind direction as trees on launch can redirect wind flow, the true direction should be taken from the wind lines on the water.


This site is located within VFR Mandatory Broadcast Zone, MBZ 120.4 with height ceiling of 1500 ft ASL.

The entire peninsula is within Auckland City MBZ. Height limit within this MBZ is 1500ft ASL.
This means you cannot fly this site unless you are operating with an airband radio.

Access Conditions

The gate at the beginning of the Reserve/Golf course is locked each evening.  The exact time of closing is indicated on a sign board at the gate.

Site Monitor




Site Achievements

A Hang glider pilot has reached a altitude of 800 foot A.S.L.