Rimmer Road

Site Information

This site is located part way up Muriwai Beach on the West Coast north of Auckland, approximately 55 Km north west of the city centre.

This site used to be used for for early HG training, but now it is mainly used for PG in stronger conditions.

It is possible for HG and PG to soar the entire length of the dunes although the dunes are quite low in most places.

Take State Highway 16 from the Northwestern Motorway and follow this highway almost to Helensville. Rimmer Road is several kilometres before Helensville on the left.

Take Rimmer Road out through Woodhill Forest to the parking area just before the dunes. Access to the beach is 4WD territory.

The official takeoff is approximately 30 metres to the north on the sand dunes, but most of the length of the dunes have suitable launches as well.

​Site Type



On the beach

Weather and Wind Direction

South West, West

The club operations a weather station at Muriwai

Mandatory Notices

See access conditions.

Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz.


Either "None" or a sub heading for both Hang Gliding and Paragliding. If, for example, only Hang Gliding is applicable, also add a Paragliding heading with "None".

Hang Gliding

HG Beginner


PG 2


  1. Remember, the sand is only soft until you hit it hard!

  2. Don't get blown back over the dunes.

  3. Don't damage the fragile dune ecosystem.


Rimmer Road is within CTA/C with a flight ceiling of 2,500 ft ASL. Stay below this ceiling!

All of the other Muriwai flying sites are located within VFR Transit Lane T156 with a ceiling of 1500 foot A.S.L.

There is no access to airspace behind the cliffs as this is Whenuapai controlled airspace.

Access Conditions

  1. Woodhill Forest is in private ownership of Ngati Whatua o Kaipara.

  2. Access over Rimmer Road is via a public easement. Ngati Whatua o Kaipara retain the right to close the road at certain times, so always check and respect any landowner decrees.

  3. The section from the end of Rimmer Road over the dunes is also in private ownership, as are the dunes itself. No access to other parts of the forest.

  4. Please respect the dunes, and only take off from the official TO. Take care not to damage the fragile dune system

  5. For more info on access conditions, see: http://www.woodhillforest.co.nz/forest-notices/

Site Monitor

Stefan Sebregts - 027 225 2255



Site Achievements

  1. Several H.G. pilots have successfully soared back to Muriwai.

  2. Several PG. pilots have soared from Muriwai to here and back.