Site Information

This is a Waikato Club site.

The Paeroas is the North Island's premier flying site and has been used for several HG and PG Nationals. As well as being a fantastic cross country site, many students have experienced their first high thermic flights here, then enjoyed the incredible restitution at the end of the day.

At 2950 ft (900 m) it is the highest in the North Island. The height from top to bottom is 1650 ft (500 m). There is enough room for several gliders to be laid out to be line checked and for two gliders to be launched at the same time.

The site is approximately 30 km South of Rotorua and can only be accessed by paid up affiliated NZHGPA members familiar with the site protocol.

​Site Type



The paddocks on the hill side of the road in front of launch and slightly to the right.

If the schools are operating there will be a wind sock on the fence beside the road.

Be aware of the power lines on the opposite side of the road.

The drive from the bottom to the top takes about 35 Minutes.

If you think you might be using this landing please phone the owners, Sheryll and Steve, on (07) 333 1543 beforehand to let them know. You can leave a message on the machine.

Weather and Wind Direction

The Waikato club operates a weather station at launch

Mandatory Notices

See access conditions.

Site Radio Channel



Hang Gliding

HG Intermediate


PG 2


If you are landing out, look out for stock and power lines. As always, leave gates as you find them.

If landing near the road, be aware of the power lines on the opposite side of the road.


The usual ceiling is 4,500 ft.

To raise the airspace from 4,500 ft to 5,500 ft, contact the Airspace duty officer in Christchurch.

If you are using a land line phone 0800 626 756 or a mobile phone 0900 62 675 and ask for G459 to be opened and automatically deactivated at CET.

If all flying finishes before CET, contact the duty officer and de-activate area G459, as this shows responsible use of the airspace.

The airspace should be opened every time the site is flown to ensure the airspace does not get taken away due to lack of use.

Consult and or fly with an airspace map unless you have the boundaries set into your GPS.

Access Conditions

The access is through private farmland and only 4WD vehicles are permitted.

All first time pilots must be accompanied by an affiliated NZHGPA member familiar with the site protocol. Please try to minimise the number of vehicles going up so as to minimise damage to the road and because there is limited parking near launch.

All drivers must enter their vehicle registration plate number and time of entry into the book at the entrance to the farm (first gate). An exit time is also required to be logged when leaving the site.

There are 2 locked gates on the access road. These can only be unlocked by an affiliated NZHGPA member familiar with the site protocol.

Please keep speed to a minimum to reduce dust especially near the houses at the start of the farm. Max road speed is 30kph, many places are less to help prevent the likelihood of a collision on the narrow winding road to launch.

A lock has been fitted by Kordia above the midway landing paddocks. This gate is to be closed and locked every time a vehicle or group of vehicles pass through.

Site Monitor

Rick Hawkeswood 021 682 766 Bruce Vickerman 0274 989 941



Site Achievements

Hang Gliding

Past Rangitaiki pub to where the tiger country starts and back to land at the pub. Numerous pilots have achieved this over the years.


The longest verified open distance flight is by Evan Lamberton who overflew goal during the 2010 Nationals and landed near the Napier Taupo Rd recording a distance of 67.0km.

The out and return record set by Ken Jackson in 2004 of 22.4 km was extended to 23.0 km by Jeff Ripley in April 2011 and again to 27.0 km Jan 2013.

There have been no proper FAI triangle flights submitted yet with a closed track. This could be a good challenge for someone!