The AHGPC relies on membership fees to finance various projects and maintenance of sites. It also relies on the voluntary support of a number of its members giving up their time and service.
However there are always going to be extra projects or issues that require additional funds that may not be able to be covered by increasing the membership fees.

If you would like to Donate to the AHGPC then your donation would be greatly appreciated.
The Club is considering to apply for Charitable Status, and once completed, the Charities Number will be posted here.

How to donate:

You can do this by using the Club's Bank account number:
Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club
ASB 12-3008-0088936-00

  • In the Particulars field please put your name, or a pseudonym if you want it to be anonymous

  • In the Code field please indicate a number from the table below to earmark funds for specific projects

  • In the Reference field please put "Donation"

Currently active specific fundraising events:

Past fundraising events:

Activities/Projects open for Donations

  1. General Donation
    This is a welcome donation. Any funds received can be used at the discretion of the Committee or suggestions from members for generic maintenance or specific projects.

  2. Westpac Rescue Helicopter
    The Club donates a certain amount from its operating budget each year (currently $750).
    We always recommend members to donate individually, but any donations here will be added to the Club amount.
    While we hope the services are never needed, reality is different, and various members have in the past had to use this awesome service.
    For more information, please visit:
    Auckland Westpac Helicopter Rescue

  3. Weather Stations / Windsocks purchase & maintenance
    The Club owns and operates a number of weather stations for the benefit of its members, and these occasionally need replacing or maintained.
    We have windsocks installed at a number of flying sites, and these also don't have an unlimited lifespan.
    New stations can be considered at other sites.

  4. Porosity meter / WOF fund
    The Club owns a JDC Mk1 Porosity meter. This meter is used fir issuing Warrant of Fitness on gliders, a requirement under CAA regulations.
    The meter is showing its age. While still working fine, if it breaks down. there is no redundancy for this vital piece of equipment.
    The number of member pilots in Auckland also means the meter is in high demand, and an additional meter would assist in the pressure on use of one device and the logistics of moving it around.
    While on the surface looking like a simple device, there is a rather huge cost attached to these devices.

  5. Take Off sites and Landing areas
    Arguably one of the areas of most pressure for free flying, since sites are constantly under pressure.
    We need to look after our flying sites and maintain the relationship with the owners of sites so as to preserve the ability to be able to keep flying!
    Site maintenance will be in the form of construction of access, like wood steps, gravel on access routes, installation of stiles and other improvements that may be required.
    Signage will be installed at various sites to convey the site particulars and regulations.
    The Club will consider obtaining official access easements or site leases for some sites. Legal and other fees may be substantial for cases like this.
    No matter how you look at it, protecting our flying sites is paramount, and costly. But without sites, we can't fly! Simple as that.

  6. Bereavement / Hardship fund
    Moneys received will be used to show support for injured pilots or families in a worst case scenario.

Many thanks for your consideration and donations.
For any suggestions, thoughts, and funding questions, please email us at