Matakana Mission

Task type: Cross-country

Difficulty: Intermediate

Launch site: Moirs Hill

Site rating for launch: PG2 / HG Intermediate

Task distance: 17 km

Description: Launch at Moirs Hill and fly to within an 800 m radius circle centred on Matakana.

Skills required: Ability to find a thermal in the vicinity of launch and climb to at least 2500 ft in order to safely glide ‘over the back’. Generally two further decent thermals will also be required in order to easily fly to Matakana.

QR code for Flyskyhy - Matakana Mission task

Scan the QR code using your phone's camera and tap 'Open in Flyskyhy'. On the 'Import waypoints' screen tap 'Replace route'. This task is now set as the active route and can be viewed on the Map screen, with the details available on the Waypoints screen.

Task details

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