Whangaparaoa - Army Bay

Site Information

There are 4 sites located at the end of Whangaparaoa Peninsula mostly in the Shakespeare Regional Park. These sites are accessed by taking State Highway 1 to just south of Orewa and turning right, headed East to the end of Whangaparaoa Peninsula following the signposts for Shakespeare Regional Park.

Army Bay is the site mostly flown here at Shakespeare.

There is often have nice evening lift but wind speed and direction can be very changeable.

At the very entrance to the park, on the left, use the large grassy area towards the cliff top, well in front of the sign for the park. This is right after the last house on the left side.

In dry conditions you can drive up to the clifftop under the Pohutukawa trees. Take off is just to left side of the Pohutukawa trees, almost in front of them. There is no fence between take off and the cliff edge, just gorse.

​Site Type



Landing is best on the car park or on the beach in front of the car park at the Eastern end of the cliff.

Wind speed can be much higher here than at TO! Never fly too far back in stronger winds if you intend to land on or in front of the car park!

If wind gets too strong while flying, safe landing is possible in front of the cliff to the E side of TO (only at low tide) or way behind the car park on the flats in the wet land.

Whangaparaoa Army Bay Take Off

Weather and Wind Direction


Mandatory Notices


Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding



PG2 + 20 hours


Take Off here needs some practice. Being a cliff launch there is little wind to help inflate the canopy.

In weak conditions the wing fills only when you get within about a metre of the cliff edge.

In strong conditions one has to be especially careful as the wind fills the canopy suddenly, this has to be controlled, otherwise you just get lifted from the ground a few meters, swing back and collapse the wing again.

Do not fly this site if wind is coming more from the E than the NW tip of the army area you can see, this is about 30 deg. at the weather station at Tiri, because it gets too turbulent.


Flight ceiling is 2,500ft ASL.

Access Conditions

Free access

Site Monitor

Stefan Sebregts - 027 225 2255



Site Achievements

Tony Turner flew from here all the way to Big Manly Beach in 2007.