Northern Navigator

Task type: Coastal soaring

Difficulty: Easy

Launch sites and ratings:

Pakiri - PG2 + 20 hours / HG Intermediate

Te Arai Point - PG2 / HG Intermediate

Mangawhai Heads - PG2 / HG Intermediate

Task distance: N/A

Description: Fly at any two of the three selected sites within the same day, with a minimum of 20 minutes airtime at each.

Skills required: Ability to confidently launch and fly at a variety of coastal sites.

Note: Because this is not a 'traditional' competition task where you have to fly around a set course, there may be some teething issues when submitting it via Highcloud. It is recommended that the tracklogs for each of the sites flown are saved and submitted as separate .igc files. The admin will then manually check them against the task requirements. If there are any issues with this process then please email

QR code for Flyskyhy - Northern Navigator task

Scan the QR code using your phone's camera and tap 'Open in Flyskyhy'. On the 'Import waypoints' screen tap 'Replace route'. This task is now set as the active route and can be viewed on the Map screen, with the details available on the Waypoints screen.

Task details

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