Port Waikato

Site Information

This site is located on the West Coast on the southern side of the Waikato River.

Take the motorway south from Auckland to the Bombay Hills, follow the signposts to Tuakau, and from there the signposts to Port Waikato and Sunset Beach.

On arrival at Sunset Beach there is a grassed area to the left of the toilet block and, on the southern side of this grassed area a private driveway access and little bridge across a small creek.

Pass beyond the small bridge and you will find the obscure beginnings of the track which runs up through Toi Toi bushes and along the ridge heading south from the beach.

Hang gliders have previously used a launch located a short way along this track. This small launch area is on the edge of the cliff and is unsuitable for paragliders. The second top takeoff point is further up the same track where it exits the bush onto a large rounded hilltop.

On strong days it is also possible to launch from the sand dunes immediately in front of the cliffs to the left of the car park and beach entrance area.

The takeoff heights are: Lower take off 100 feet A.S.L; Top takeoff 300 feet A.S.L.

​Site Type



At high tide the amount of beach available for landing can be restricted, requiring care and planning of landings. Take care to land on the beach outside of the flagged swimming area and summer crowds.

Weather and Wind Direction

North, North West, West

The lower launch takes a West to North West only.

The club operates a weather station at Kariotahi approximately 10 kms north up the coast.

Mandatory Notices


Site Radio Channel

This site is close enough to Maioro to hear schools operating on channels 10 and 26.

Site channel is Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding

Dunes Launch - HG Beginner

Lower Slope Launch - HG Intermediate + 20 hours + Cliff Launch

Top Launch - HG Novice


PG 2


Hang Gliding

Note the restrictions for the various launch options.


Take care when soaring in the bowl to the south of the top takeoff as switches in wind direction can result in one or other side of this bowl being in rotor.

The lower launch takes a W to NW wind only.


This site is located just within the boundary of CTA/C with a height restriction of 2,500 feet.

Access Conditions


Site Monitor

No site monitor assigned



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