Bridges Hill

Site Information

Bridges Hill is a South East site with a lot of potential and a committing launch. 

The quickest access is State Highway 16 past Kaukapakapa.  Turn right on to West Coast Rd, go 2 kilometres along the road to the old fire station building; if you get to the new fire station you have gone too far.

The owners of the site are Mark and Poppy Keskic.​

Please note the Cautions and Access Conditions for this site.

The takeoff at the top of the hill is 900 foot A.S.L.

Site  Type



There are good landing areas on flats below but keep an eye out for temporary electric fences.

When low in the valley be aware of the likelihood of a sea breeze pushing in resulting in a wind change to the South West with resulting unpleasant turbulence.

Looking down Bridges TO

Weather and Wind Direction

East-Southeast through to South.

Thanks to the crowdfunding contributions of many Club members, and a significant amount of hard work by Dean Olsen in fabricating and installing the mast structure, we now have a weather station installed at Bridges to provide real-time weather data.

Mandatory Notices

See required access conditions below.

Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding

HG Advanced


PG 2 + 60 hours (to be reviewed)


Sept 2022: Trees have been felled, and the area is now clear. A new site assessment will be undertaken and an update to this site guide will follow in the near future.


This site is located near the edge of CTA within GAA NZG 153 with a height restriction of 3,500 ft ASL immediately above launch. This can be opened to 4,500 ft ASL through the Air Traffic Control Duty Manager.
After you pass a line to the north running between Five Fingers and Dill's Hill height restriction is 4,500 ft ASL.

Access Conditions

Site Monitor

Dean Olsen 027 517 3125 



Site Achievements

February 1994 hang glider pilot Ian Clark flew 143 km to Kaikohe in 5 hrs attaining 5,700 ft and setting a new NZ cross country record.
On April 15th 2022 Bruno Metz flew North attempting an out-and-back. Unfortunately he was several kilometers short but achieved a total distance of 32.8 km.