Takapuna Grammar

Site Information

This site is located on the coastal edge of Takapuna Grammar School grounds, accessed from Winscombe Road, Belmont.

Take off is behind a fence, and requires a bit of skill.  Wind may be flowing either from left or right. 

For PG, glider needs to be laid out perpendicular to the fence, and when pulled up turned into wind.  A quick run towards the fence with a tug on the brakes to generate lift should get you over and flying.

​Site Type



Landing options below the cliff are restricted and virtually nil at high tide.

Best landing option (short of Takapuna beach) is at the bottom of the cliff 200 m to the north of launch, or on Narrow Neck Beach, if the wind is at all from the north east.

Takapuna Grammar Takeoff

Weather and Wind Direction

North East

Mandatory Notices

No flying is to take place during school hours.

Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz.


Hang Gliding

HG Advanced


PG2 + 60 hours



This site is located within VFR common frequency zone, CFZ 120.4 with height ceiling of 2,500 ft ASL
It is also on the edge of the Auckland City Mandatory Broadcast Zone. Height limit within this MBZ is 1500ft ASL. This means you cannot fly inland of cliffs/beach unless you are operating with an airband radio.
800m north of this site is VFR Transit Lane T159 Whangaparaoa with a height restriction of 1200ft ASL.

Access Conditions

No flying is to take place on this site during school hours.

Site Monitor

Jeff Ripley Mob 027 288 8818 



Site Achievements

An easy run to Takapuna beach to the north.

To the south Cheltenham Beach has been reached once.  Who can make the link to North Head?

Update 02.04.2017...Yes he did it again, Jeff Ripley flew from Takapuna Grammar, and landed on North Head.