North Head / Maungauika

Site Information

A particularly pleasant site to fly with nice views over the city and the Hauraki Gulf.

North Head is located on the Northern side of Auckland Harbour on the tip of the Devonport peninsula.  Access is off Takarunga Road, Cheltenham.

There are designated Launch & Top Landing areas (see images below)

​Site Type



Landing options depend on the wind direction.  See Site Information above

North Head take off sites

Weather and Wind Direction



See Site Information above.

Mandatory Notices


 Site Radio Channel

If schools are operating, they are normally on Channels 10 and 26.

Site channel for other flyers is Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Glider

HG Intermediate


PG2 + 20 hours



This is located within VFR Common Frequency Zone, CFZ 120.4 with height ceiling of 2500ft ASL.
It is also on the edge of the Auckland City Mandatory Broadcast Zone. Height limit within this MBZ is 1500ft ASL. This means you cannot fly inland of cliffs/beach unless you are operating with an airband radio.

Please NOTAMS for restrictions during major events in the Hauraki Gulf such as sail races (helicopter activity).

Access Conditions

As of January 18th 2019, Maungauika/North Head is administered by the Tupuna Maunga Authority, and is no longer DOC managed.

The Club has lobbied for our continued presence and activities, but the future of flying at North Head may be uncertain.  The Management Plan mentions 'may allow flying', but this is no guarantee that it will continue to be so.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all flying here displays exemplary behaviour, and all care must be taken to not display flying in a way that can be used as reasons to shut down all flying activity.

​A maximum of four gliders in the air at a time is allowed.

Designated launch and landing points only to be used.

Pilots to respect rights of other users and keep launch areas clear of gliders and gear.

The northern side overlooking Cheltenham Beach realistically only allows three gliders at any one time, and only if one glider soars the back ridge.

The site can get busy, so a rotation system of flying should be undertaken in these circumstances to ensure that everyone gets the chance to have a fly.

The vehicle gate closes at 20:00 every day, and the pedestrian gates at 22:00.
If it's a nice summer evening and you're planning to be there after 8pm make sure that you have parked outside the reserve.
A $50 release fee applies if you are locked in, and it can take a fair bit of time for the security guard to come out.

Site Monitor

Reuben Muir 09-446 0020 or 0274-727 013 


Ownership Change

As of the 18th of January 2019, the administration of North Head (official name now Maungauika/North Head) has transferred from DOC to the Tupuna Maunga Authority (TMA)

TMA is the entity that was established in 2014 to co-govern the Auckland Maunga after the Treaty Settlement.

In short, North Head has transferred from being Crown land to private land, held by the Tamaki Collective. Up until now DOC has maintained management, but this has now been taken over by TMA.

This may mean changes for our flying activity. While in the current Management Plans it is stated 'may allow flying', this is no guarantee that this will be the case forever. Therefor, it is still of the utmost importance that our flying activities display exemplary behaviour, as to not give any reason to shut down flying.

The Club has lobbied hard in the past, both with DOC and TMA to maintain our activities, and will continue to do so.

Site Achievements

On 17 January 2004, Jeff Ripley flew to Takapuna Beach after reaching approx 800ft.