Mangawhai Heads

Site Information

Take State Highway 1 via Wellsford and Te Hana, the turn off is 2 kilometres north of Te Hana.

From there follow sign posts for Mangawhai Heads, distance 26 kilometres.

From the Mangawhai Heads car park the track accessing launch starts from the white concrete tank above the public toilets. Launch site is 160 metres northwards on a rounded crown 160 feet above the beach.

​Site Type



On the beach.

Council requirements prohibit landing on the public area of beach 300 metres in front of the Surf Lifesaving Club when any public are in this area.

The area south of the river mouth, and including the dunes, is a protected Bird Sanctuary and off limits, apart from during the off season.

With the express permission of the Department of the Conservation some access may be obtained.

Unauthorised vehicles and equipment may be confiscated by the Department of Conservation.

Weather and Wind Direction

North East, East

Mandatory Notices

No access is permitted through Bream Tail farm. The farmer here is hostile to pilots using his property.

Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding

HG Intermediate




Should the wind be off to the south, care should be taken to double check direction as it often has the appearance of flowing directly up the face when in fact placement of a wind sock on the beach, will confirm the wind is very cross and is flowing around the corner of the ridge to the South.


Flight ceiling is 6,500 foot A.S.L.

Access Conditions

No access is permitted through Bream Tail farm, and the farmer here is hostile to pilots using his property.

Particular care should be taken with flammables, no cigarettes should be taken onto this site as there is a high fire risk in summer. In 1982 a large fire started in the area of the lower dunes and swept through the entire area and into where many residences now exist.

Site Monitor

Mike Ferguson 021-995-682



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