Five Fingers

Site Information

Five Fingers is identified on topographical maps as Mt Taranaki.

It is fifteen minutes drive north from Kaukapakapa along State Highway 16, not far beyond the West Coast Rd (Araparere-Woodcocks road) junction with State Highway 16.

The site is located on the right hand side of the road whilst heading north with access beside a white wool shed.

There is now only one launch site, on top of the hill; owing to the growth of the pine trees planted on the lower slopes.

​Site Type



The official landing area is the small paddock behind the wool shed although the larger one to the north of the track and close to the road may be used if no stock are present. Do not land in any of these areas if horses are present.

Objections to our presence here have been made by residents to the south of the access track due to the disturbance to animals (dogs and horses). These have raised tensions amongst all land owners and lease holders and could lead to closure of the site.

Do not low fly over or land in the properties south of the access track.

Weather and Wind Direction

South West/West

Mandatory Notices

See Access Conditions below.

Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding

HG Intermediate


PG2 + 60 hours.



If the wind is not straight in, turbulence may be experienced due to the various spurs.

Flying here is often not smooth and tucks etc are to be expected.

Beware of any stock found wandering in the forestry blocks, some have gone feral and can be dangerous.


The launch is PG2 plus 60 hours.


This site is located below CTA/C and G151 with a VFR height restriction above launch of 3,500 feet A.S.L.

However it is near the boundary of the CTA and immediately to the north and north east the VFR ceiling raises to 4,500 feet A.S.L.

North Shore air field should be advised of your operating at this site prior to flying.

Kaipara Airfield is located 14 km directly behind this site in a ENE direction.

The Kaipara harbour coastline in front of launch and the river valley to Makarau are a designated low flying training area so don't be surprised if you see light aircraft below you!

Access Conditions

  1. The land owner of this site is an absentee land owner, but both farming and forestry leases have been granted to different operators.

  2. Access may be obtained without first telephoning the landowner but the wishes of the lease holders must be respected if they are present.

  3. Take care to leave all gates as they are found, do not cut up tracks in the event of the ground being wet and soft (particularly applicable to the lower track during winter).

Site Monitor

Evan Lamberton 021 407 833



Site Achievements

Hang glider pilot Ian Clark has flown 92 kilometres from this site.

PG pilot Jeff Ripley set a site record of 40Km to Cape Rodney in 2006.

PG pilot Dylan Vickerman flew to kawau Island, landing at Mansion House Bay.