Mt William

Site Information

Mt William is located at Bombay, south of Auckland.

Access is off of State Highway 2. The access road is approximately 5km South East of the Bombay off ramp.

The top of Mt William is not particularly suitable as a PG launch as the terrain is quite steep and rocky.

The recommended take off is approximately 200m south of, and below the trig, on a flat grassed outcrop over the fence to the east of the walkway.

The site is on a Scenic reserve which is operated as a farm.

Access is by walking track from either Puketutu Road at the top or McMillan Road at the bottom.

The trig is 1,240 ft ASL, PG takeoff approximately 1,056 ft ASL.

​Site Type




Weather and Wind Direction

South East to South

Mandatory Notices

Mt William is a working farm and is usually closed during lambing. Refer

Site Radio Channel



Hang Gliding



PG2 + 60 hours.


The site below take off is mostly bush. Ensure conditions are good enough (and your competency) to reach clear ground.


This site is located in GAA G275 with a height restriction of 4,500 ft ASL.

The area just north of Puketutu is GAA G276 with a height restriction of 3,500 ft ASL but able to be opened to 4,500 ft ASL by notifying ATC.

Please also refer to the Airspace page.

Access Conditions

Mt William is usually closed during lambing. Check the Auckland Council site.

Site Monitor

Phil Miller Ph: 09 238 8332



Site Achievements

Legend has it that in the old days, at least one Hang glider flew from here across the harbour, landing at Narrow Neck beach?