Site Cemetery

Where old sites go to die......

Unfortunately, sometimes a flying site becomes unflyable, for various reasons.
That can be because of landowners retracting permission, despite Club's efforts to maintain.
Or because of new airspace restrictions. Or the topography has changed.
Here's a list of previous sites that are no longer flyable.

  • Maori Bay - Janies
    This was a small site on public reserve, part of the Muriwai Regional Park, access between, and in front of two residential sections.
    It used to have a great hang glider ramp.
    New house developments made take off area pretty much unusable, with no space to lay out a glider, and/or a good chance of being dragged into to house in some cases.

  • Long Bay - Cliff Road
    Residential house development and vegetation growth now prevents this as a take off site.

  • Mt. Wellington
    Mainly due to airspace restrictions, but the site itself presents some difficulties.

  • The Pa
    A small site just south of Duders, on private land.
    A change in ownership saw flying restrictions imposed.

  • Dark Summit

  • Smiths Farm

  • The Barn