Fort Takapuna

Site Information

Fort Takapuna (Fort Cautley) is between Narrow Neck Beach and Cheltenham Beach.  Access is from Vauxhall Rd.

Fort Takapuna is an easier site to launch and land than Takapuna Grammar, and a longer cliff to soar than North Head.

There are three separate launches within 150 m.  The most commonly used is beside the concrete pill box. 

The launch height is approximately 40 ft.

​Site Type



Narrow Neck Beach or top Land.

Fort Takapuna Take Off

Weather and Wind Direction

North East

Mandatory Notices


Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding

HG Intermediate


PG2 + 30 hours



This is located within VFR Common Frequency Zone, CFZ 120.4 with height ceiling of 2500ft ASL.
It is also on the edge of the Auckland City Mandatory Broadcast Zone. Height limit within this MBZ is 1500ft ASL. This means you cannot fly inland of cliffs/beach unless you are operating with an airband radio.

Please NOTAMS for restrictions during major events in the Hauraki Gulf such as sail races (helicopter activity).

Access Conditions


Site Monitor

John Walton 021 473 656 



Site Achievements

On a good day a flight to Takapuna Beach and back is possible. (Who will be the first to make the transition from here to North Head)?