Whangaparaoa - Tiri Channel

Site Information

There are 4 sites located at the end of Whangaparaoa Peninsula, mostly in Shakespeare Regional Park. These sites are accessed by taking State Highway, taking the Silverdale exit, turning right into Whangaparaoa Rod,all the way to the end of Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Follow signposts for Shakespeare Regional Park.

This site is on the Eastern side of the headland, facing Tiri channel.

Parking before the entrance to the camping ground, then walking (12-15 min) diagonal across the camping ground and up the ridge on the NE side of the camp ground.

TO site is across a fence, on the right side of a prominent Pohutukawa tree or in a bowl to the right of this, if wind is more Northerly.

This site works best in Easterlies:

  1. If wind is seen to be a bit left (N) from Tiri only a small area has lift.

  2. If the wind is from the right (S) of Tiri, one has to fly around to the right from TO and catch the lift at the high cliff. Watch out for the overhanging Pohutukawas!

This site has lift often down to 10 m height in front of TO.

Soaring seagulls are a good indicator for flyability here. If they are not above TO height, be careful.

​Site Type



This site is well suited for top landings at TO or on or in front of the ridge, within 50 m behind of TO.

If conditions are weak, beach landing is a good possibility at low tide (+/-3 hrs).

No bottom landing at high tide without getting wet!

Whangaparaoa Tiri Channel Take Off

Weather and Wind Direction

North East, East, South East

Mandatory Notices


Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz.


Hang Gliding



PG 2 + 20 hours


See Airspace: The area to the left of this site i.e. to the north is Army operated and is NZD130.

This used to be NZD126, by NOTAM, but it is permanent now. If 'Live Firing' is actually taking place, there will be Red/Orange flags flying, and you can already see those on the cliffs when you approach Shakespeare from Army Bay.

The advice is to avoid danger areas. If you do enter a danger area, it will be at your own risk. If you have questions, contact NZDF (Live Firing) on (04) 529 6313 to ask about the current status of Live Firing.


Flight ceiling is 2,500 ft ASL.

The northern half of the ridge is NZD130, from surface to 1,200 ft. (See Cautions)

NZD 130 Airspace

Access Conditions


Site Monitor

Stefan Sebregts - 027 225 2255



Site Achievements

Several water landings at the bottom.