The Club owns and operates a number of live data weather station for the major flying sites. The below graphs give a quick overview of current conditions. Please click the graphs to open the page with the full live data.

You'll also find a number of resources listed that can be used in weather forecasting/assessing.

The following resources are available to assist in determining flying conditions:

NZ Rasp: An excellent resource, based on Dr. Jack thermal forecasting parameters.

MetVUW: Long term forecast, Photos of the Day, and a good amount of cool cloud photos. Great for a first overview.

Windy: Great visualisation of wind strength and direction forecasts

PredictWind: A paid subscription. It covers 5 different models, and it is probably the most reliable forecast tool, especially for coastal flying.

MetFlight: General Aviation Weather Briefing, available to all NZHGPA members

RASP in 10 Minutes - an excellent presentation by Club pilot Joe Ward, which covers the basics of interpreting various RASP data, including Skew-T diagrams.