Maioro Club Site

Site Information

This is Auckland's primary PG training site, owing to the spacious take off area, gentle cliff, and good landing options.

​The site is around 5kms south of the Kariotahi beach car park and is accessed by driving down the beach.

The landing zone is on the beach in front of take-off and is large, especially at low tide.

​Site Type



On the beach

Weather and Wind Direction


​The club operates a weather station north of the car park. Please read the caution on wind below when referring to this weather station.

Mandatory Notices


Site Radio Channel

If schools are operating, they are normally on Channels 10 and 26.

Site radio channel is Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding

HG Novice





Please note that the wind speed at launch is likely to be ~5km/hr higher than indicated on the weather station due to the inland location of the weather station.


Caution should be taken driving vehicles on the beach other than over the low tide period or well above high tide mark. The mid-tide area can be treacherous terrain, and vehicles can easily get stuck. You should use 4-wheel drive vehicles only to drive down the beach.

Flight Training

The site is heavily used for PG training. Please take care when flying in front of the launch site, as most PGs flying in this area will be unrated beginners under instruction. Students under instruction should be flying with red or orange streamers attached to the harness.

Please be courteous and keep clear of the area directly in front of the launch, and leave the space to be used by the schools and their students.


These sites are located within the outer area of CTA/C with a height restriction of 2,500 foot A.S.L, reducing to 1,500 foot approximately 8km north of Karioitahi, and over the township of Waiuku behind and to the east of Karioitahi

Access Conditions

It is preferred not to generally advertise the exact location of this site other than that it is south of Karioitahi.

Until recently the site owner only permitted use of this site for the occasionally club fly in. The owner will not give consent for the sites general open use and, because of very few access points to this isolated coast line, the owner is under constant pressure by many common interest groups to provide more frequent entry.

The owner does not like to be bothered much by the public and has on occasion withdrawn consent to some users.

Accordingly the site is to be treated with respect and access obtained by the beach rather than from the road, via the owners property.

Site Monitor

Reuben Muir - 0274-727-013



Maioro Club site sign

Site Achievements

Hang glider pilot Ian Clark flew 54km to Miranda, January 1998.