Long Bay

Site Information

25 September 2015

With the development of properties adjacent to this launch area, the growth of vegetation along the cliff edge and the Council fencing the cliff edge use of this launch site has become very restricted and rarely used.

An alternative site was developed to the north of Long Bay in the Long Bay Regional Park, sanctioned by the Council, but then subsidence resulted in the Council changing the pathway and fencing off this area from access.

Unfortunately the Council permission for use of this site expired in April 2005 so this site is no longer available.

The Club is currently working with Council to obtain approval for use of an alternative launch site within the Park and until such time as this is approved there is no approved site in the Park for paragliding.

The launch area is now quite small, whilst it is fine to launch in a northerly, launching from beside the path in a north easterly direction is not feasible.

This site is located at the southern end of Long Bay, access near a pedestrian walk way from the end of Cliff road, Torbay.

​Site Type



The designated landing area if you are going to land on the beach is between the cliffs and the boat ramp. Be particularly aware of crowding of the beach during the summer months.

Weather and Wind Direction

North, North East

Mandatory Notices

As of September 2015 this site is currently closed.

Site Radio Channel

Channel 20 - 476.900MHz


Hang Gliding



PG 2 + 60 hours


Hang Gliding



If there is a likelihood of a wind shift to the north while you are flying be particularly aware this possibility would result in difficulty in returning to the launch area with reduced lift and very little land out option if other than low tide.

This is particularly relevant on sea breeze days.

When scratching close to the cliff take particular note of the over hanging branches of the large pine tree in the apex of Toroa point.  Several pilots have received an additional adrenaline fix from catching tip lines on its branches when they have risen sharply in lift under the pine tree.


This site is located within VFR Transit lane T159 Whangaparaoa with a height restriction of 1200 ft A.S.L.
It is also on the edge of the Whenuapai Mandatory Broadcast Zone. Height limit within this MBZ is 2500ft ASL. This means you cannot fly inland of cliffs/beach unless you are operating with an airband radio.

Access Conditions

As of September 2015 this site is currently closed.

Our continued presence at this site is constantly under challenge as residential building continues to encroach, plus installation of fencing along the cliff edge and walkway.

We are now restricted to only the use of the very cliff edge and public walkway.  It is very much in our best interest to maintain good relationships with the immediate neighbours surrounding the launch area.

Site Monitor

Robo -  Laurence Robinson Ph: 09 449 2101



Site Achievements

1999 paraglider pilot Jeff Ripley flew from here to Milford Beach and Lyn Watkins to Torbay.