North Head Change

As of the 18th of January 2019, the administration of North Head (official name now Maungauika/North Head) has transferred from DOC to the T?puna Maunga Authority (TMA)

TMA is the entity that was established in 2014 to co-govern the Auckland Maunga after the Treaty Settlement.

In short, North Head has transferred from being Crown land to private land, held by the Tamaki Collective. Up until now DOC has maintained management, but this has now been taken over by TMA.

This may mean changes for our flying activity. While in the current Management Plans it is stated 'may allow flying', this is no guarantee that this will be the case forever. Therefor, it is still of the utmost importance that our flying activities display exemplary behaviour, as to not give any reason to shut down flying.

The Club has lobbied hard in the past, both with DOC and TMA to maintain our activities, and will continue to do so.