Annual WOF Night and BBQ

Belmont Intermediate School

Wednesday October 23rd from 4:30pm until 7:30pm

The annual Auckland Hanggliding and Paragliding Club WOF night is kindly hosted by Wings and Waves.

Of course All members are welcome! It's a great way to kick off the season with your flying buddies, or meet new ones.

The Club's OSO's (Organisation Safety Officers) will be there, Reuben Muir for PG, and Fraser Bull for HG, assisted by Eva Keim and Carlos Palmer to sign off the Warrants.

It is a requirement that your glider and harness have a current Warrant of Fitness, so this a great way to make sure your gear is in tip top condition for the coming flying season.


There will be an intro to paraglider maintenance/checks at 5pm, please be there if you haven't done WOFs much before to learn about what to do for a proper glider and harness check and maintenance.

Porosity Meter

We expect a lot of people, so the porosity meter check will be limited to 60 seconds so we can ensure everyone's glider can be checked in the time frame available. Please adhere to this.

If you really want to know that your new(ish) glider still has over 12 minutes left, you can always make an appointment to have that measured at a later stage! :-)


Weather permitting, the HG WOF will be held at the same time, plenty of space to rig up on the field outside.

(HG can start setting up around 3:30)

Doing a WOF involves a fair few checks. If you've done WOF's before and know the drill, you can start doing some of the checks at home. Have the Form handy as a guide on what to check.

Forms can be found on the NZHGPA Members/Forms page.

As usual, the BBQ will be fired up. Bring your own drinks.

The event is free for current financial Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club members.

Non members are asked a contribution of 5$ for the BBQ and 30$ for the WOF (Half price compared to normal).

If your membership has lapsed, there's still time to renew it, and get the benefit of the free WOF. Just visit the NZHGPA website.