AHGPC Club night - How to fly XC from Moirs Hill

Wednesday 14 October - 7.30pm
The Dominion Bar, 234 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden
See below and G+ community invite for details. See you there!

Flying XC looks like fun, how do I get into it?Well spring has certainly arrived and it's the time of year when the thoughts of many pilots return to the skies, as the reappearance of warmer weather and puffy cumulus clouds signals the start of a new XC season.

With this in mind, the AHGPC is holding a club night to get both new and experienced pilots back into the swing of things after the long winter lay-off. We'll be having three speakers (Graham Surrey, Eva Keim & Steve Dwyer) give talks on different aspects of flying from Moirs Hill, Auckland's most consistent XC site.

Dills is still closed for lambing !!

Site Monitor has advised Dills is still closed past the usual opening of 1st of October. Should only be a week or two. Please check the guide for updates or check with the site monitor.

Thank you for respecting the wishes of the farm operator at one of our nicest Auckland sites.

September Committee Meeting Minutes

pdf format

Working Bee at Bridges September 12 or 13

Working Bee at Bridges September 12 or 13.
For those looking forward to this seasons cross country flying look no further than this Monday
Metservice is forecasting 15knt SE winds and a sunny day, Just perfect for Bridges.
So we, the AHGPC have organised a working bee to get Bridges ready for a potentially great season.
I have walked up the track and found no pine trees down!

MOIRS HILL WORKING BEE 1 (of 2) Saturday 19th September (bad weather reserve date Sunday 20th September)



Cyanide poison to be laid at Kario from August

The club has recently received notice of a possum control programme that will be operational along the Awhitu Peninsula from August 2015 until July 2016, and which will involve the use of cyanide baits.

This is unlikely to have any impact on our activities but needless to say, don't go messing with any of the small paper bags containing the bait if you see them along the cliff edge (they'll be clearly marked with a skull and crossbones and a warning that they contain cyanide).

There's some further information provided in the attached document that was sent to the club.

New online weather station at Kario

I'm happy to advise that a new Holfuy weather station is now operational at Kario. The link to access the data is: http://holfuy.hu/en/data/213

Big thanks to Rodger Kerr, Di Cornell & Stoney Burke for assistance with disassembling the old station and installing the new one.

Hopefully it'll help with assessing those tricky weather conditions over winter.

Happy flying!

April Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes in pdf format.


March Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes of a very exciting meeting!

New online weather station at Dill's Hill


Yesterday the old windtalker at Dill's Hill, which hasn't been operational for a while, was taken down and replaced by a brand new Holfuy online weather station, to join the two that we already have operating at Moir's Hill and Maori Bay.


The Dill's station includes a humidity sensor that allows cloudbase height to be automatically calculated, so this can also be used as a proxy for cloudbase at Moir's Hill.


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