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I thought it would be interesting to compare the RASP Boundary Layer Cloud Cover for Monday 8/11/10, with the actual Satelitte photo for around about the same time.

A remarkable similarity? Particularly the cloud bank sitting above the East Coast, and the large area over Northland. (Even the same indentation where Hokianga Harbour is.

RASP Forecast: Boundary Layer Cloud CoverRASP Forecast: Boundary Layer Cloud Cover

MODIS Rapid Response System: Monday 8/11/10 UTC 02:25MODIS Rapid Response System: Monday 8/11/10 UTC 02:25

That's very clever and I was

That's very clever and I was lucky enough to be able to see it from the air. The cloud line near the east coast stayed there until the westerly pushed the convergence away off shore about 430pm. There was a classic step in the cloud on the east of the convergence area too. The part the forecasters didn't quite get right was the prevailing wind which turned out to be a solid W instead of the forecast light SW with a bit of S high up.


... and here is the link to the RASP web site!


Hi Tony

Do you have hi(gher) res images for these two pictures?  If so can you email to me at skf AT




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Here's the link to the Near Real Time Images from NASA.

Just enter the date (mm/dd/yyyy) and then find the Aqua Modis thumbnail for the area you want and "voila".

The one from RASP was a screen grab and I haven't kept a higher resolution unfortunately.



Satellite photo

Thanks Tony


Here is the image NB  VERY large!!



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