Moirs Hill

This is Auckland's finest cross country site with many good cross country flights having been made, and great promise for more.
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Access to this site is 6 kilometres north of the Puhoi turn off on State highway 1. Turn left into Moirs Hill road, adjacent to the rest area at the end of Windy ridge. Follow this gravel road to 300m past the Transmitter Tower and park near the walking gate, with a DOC sign 'Waihunga/Moir Hill'. Access from this point is by foot through the gate, following the track to the end for another Km or so. Take-off is at 980 feet A.S.L, 800 foot above the landing paddock.
Because of concerns around the spread of kauri dieback disease, pilots are asked to ensure that footwear is clean and free of visible soil before entering the track. Please keep to the track and do not make any side detours into the surrounding bush. More information about preventing the spread of kauri dieback can be found here:


Moirs Landing: LA - Official landing area, R - Road to Puhoi and SH1, R - Road to Puhoi and SH1, B - Beehives, W - Walking track to takeoffMoirs Landing: LA - Official landing area, R - Road to Puhoi and SH1, R - Road to Puhoi and SH1, B - Beehives, W - Walking track to takeoffLanding requires careful consideration being in a valley with the wind usually coming from West. If it's coming from E it is definitely not flyable there. An air-craft type landing circuit approach is strongly recommended to determine the wind direction in the bottom of the valley (often different from the wind on launch).
Top landing on take-off is possible although very tight for hang gliders and often quite thermic possing difficulty for paragliders. An alternative top landing is available to the West of the Transmitter Tower requiring a minimum of 600 feet above take-off before making an approach. It is behind the bushline and can be turblulent.

  • Only land in official bottom landing area unless it is an emergency.
  • No low flying over stock.
  • No slope landing on areas that have stock.
  • Avoid landing in stock pasture.
  • If you land there, move off the paddock as soon as possible.
Glider Types: 
Hang Glider
Site Rating: 
HG Intermediate
Site Type: 
Wind Directions: 

If the wind is W, it can be quite rough at times.


Take-off (TO) is located below class C controlled airspace and within GAA’s NZG151 and NZG152. Flight ceiling immediately above launch is 3,500 foot ASL, or 4500ft upon opening NZG 152 MOIR HILL. Ceiling rises to 4,500 feet as you cross Woodcocks road, heading in a north or north easterly direction. When heading north beware of aircraft on circuit to Kaipara Flats Airfield 7km directly north of Moirs.
Further north the ceiling rises to 6500ft in an arc from Wellsford to Leigh.
Heading south across the valley past Ahuroa road is within NZG151 and North Shore air-field training space with a flight ceiling of 3,500 feet.
Please open airspace ‘NZG 152 MOIR HILL’ by phoning Air Traffic Control Duty manager 03 3581694. Indetify yourself with your NZHGPA PIN. Remember to close Airspace by setting a time or auto-deactivate by Civil Evening Twilight. Or, if everyone is done flying, call again to let them know NZG152 can be closed again. This shows good airmanship.

Site Monitor: 
Leslie Graham 021 1653320
Site Achievements: 

Hang glider pilots have flown cross wind to Orewa, North to Matakana, Leigh, Pakiri, Te Hana, Mangawhai, and Kawakawa.
Paraglider pilots have regularly been to Matakana, Leigh and Wellsford with Lyn Watkins first reaching Te Arai Point 35.5km. The  record was next broken in December 1997 by Eva Keims flight to Mangawhai 41.4km. Eva's record was finally broken by Jeff Ripley in 2006, with a flight of 46.8km landing just north of Mangawhai Heads. In Feb 2011 Jeff extended the record by 1.6km to make it 48.4km, landing at Langs Beach. The distance was steadily increased beyond 50km by Evan Lamberton, Eva and Jeff until in Oct 2015 Evan Lamberton flew 67.2km, landing just south of Marsden Point to take the current record.
Kawau and Moturekareka islands were also reached in 2005 by a crazy PG pilot.

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